• Coverage: 185 Cities
  • 3,470 Subdistrict
  • 8,554 Buildings
  • 2,350,430 Homepass

#PakeBiznet Faster!

We offer Ultra Fast Internet and Interactive TV service with the best 4K quality in Indonesia.

36.000+ KM

More than 36.000 KM of total The New Biznet Fiber network to meet your digital activities requirements.

180+ Cities

More than 180 cities in Indonesia have been connected to The New Biznet Fiber.

50+ Channels

More than 50 local and international channels on Biznet IPTV.


About Biznet Home

Biznet Home is an Ultra Fast Internet and interactive TV service that shows the latest entertainment programs with the best 4K quality resolution that can be accessed using The New Biznet Fiber for residential and apartment users.

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