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Adding Ease Payment Method for Customers, Paying for Biznet Home Can Now Be Done Using GO-PAY

Jakarta, 7 February 2019 - To provide a convenient and beneficial service for customers to pay for their Biznet Home billings, in welcoming the new year Biznet is officially announcing a new payment method using GO-BILLS so that Biznet customers can pay for their service using GO-PAY, the leading fintech, which is part of GOJEK ecosystem.

"We are seeing a new trend being developed in the digital era where more and more seamless service are being offered by the ever growing digital technology, with the availability of a wider, faster and reliable Internet connection. Announcing a new payment method using GO-BILLS has been one of our efforts to provide an easier and faster method for all of our Biznet Home customers to be able to enjoy our service with a seamless payment method," said Adi Kusma, President Director of Biznet.

Digital payment method has become one of the most required technologies and currently, more and more people in Indonesia are using it. A research done by DailySocial.id and OJK as well as a separate research by Financial Times by end of 2018 stated that GO-PAY is still the most favored e-money used by the people of Indonesia.

According to Budi Gandasoebrata, Managing Director GO-PAY, "We area delighted to have this collaboration, GO-PAY will continue with a commitment to introduce cashless payment ecosystem to the people and support their daily life with technology. Through the collaboration between GO-PAY and Biznet Home, we hope the advantages of cashless transaction can be experienced by more people so that more and more people can see the importance of having an efficient cashless transaction."

Biznet Home payment method using GO-PAY is Biznet’s latest payment method, after previously announced several methods such as online payment via Mobile/Internet Banking, Virtual Account as well as credit card payment.

For Biznet Home customers who are making payments for Biznet service using GO-PAY, Biznet will be giving a special 5% cashback promo program for every transaction. Moreover, Biznet will also giving away exclusive merchandise for lucky customers every month. To make payment, customers are only required to follow these easy steps:

  1. Open GO-JEK application in your gadget.
  2. Choose "GO-BILLS" menu.
  3. Choose "TV Kabel & Internet" menu.
  4. Choose "Biznet" menu.
  5. Input customer’s Billing Account.
  6. Customer can pay the bills listed by using GO-PAY.

Adi added, "Today, Indonesia is in the phase of transforming from cash payment to non-cash payment methods. We hope that with the availability of GO-PAY payment method for Biznet Home service, it will be easier for customers to make payment easily and safely. By having this program, we hope that we are able to provide maximum benefits for our customers. Customers can get more benefits in terms of special promo for payments via GO-PAY. This is also part of Biznet efforts to support the acceleration of Indonesia’s digital economy."

About Biznet

Biznet is a company that focuses on telecommunications and multimedia, which is committed to build modern infrastructure with the aim of reducing Indonesia's digital gap with other developing countries. Biznet owns and operates the most sophisticated Fiber Optic network and the largest data center in Indonesia. For more information about the company, please visit www.biznetnetworks.com.

For further information, please contact:

Renya Nuringtyas
Corporate Communication Manager - Biznet
Phone: +62-813-17084024
E-mail: renya_nuringtyas@biznetnetworks.com

About GO-PAY

GO-PAY is the leading financial technology platform in Indonesia. As Part of GOJEK ecosystem, the biggest application-based on-demand company in Indonesia, GO-PAY has a mission to improve the Indonesian economy through SMBs. In July 2017, GO-PAY won an award from Bank Indonesia for The Most Active Fintech Company that Supports National Cashless Movement (GNNT-Gerakan Nasional Non Tunai) category, for Financial Inclusion and education as well as SMB empowerment.

For further information, please contact:

Winny T
Head of Corporate Communication
Nina Sekar
Konsultan Komunikasi GOJEK
IDEA Group Indonesia