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Biznet Broadband Networks Supports Indonesian Tourism

Jakarta, 13 June 2017 – Indonesian tourism is growing significantly over the past years, which also supports the growth of hospitality industry in Indonesia. Hospitality industry is getting more competitive and many players are competing by providing better and improved facilities for their guests and customers. Biznet, as one of the leading providers in Indonesia, understands that Internet has become one of the most important facilities that hospitality business players should provide for their guests. Therefore, Biznet offers Biznet Hospitality service for hospitality segment in Indonesia. This service provides Biznet Dedicated Internet bundled with Biznet Cable TV service in High Definition, with reasonable investment to provide guests with high quality entertainment during their stay.

 “Internet has become a necessity for almost everyone, including those who are on holiday but still need to be connected with their loved ones. We are hoping that Biznet Hospitality service can support the growth of tourism industry in Indonesia by providing hotels and resorts with super fast Internet connection with high-quality Cable TV, which will certainly provide better entertainment and experience for guests and customers,” said Adi Kusma, President Director of Biznet.

 Biznet Hospitality is a service that offers integrated solution of Biznet Dedicated Internet and Biznet Cable TV services for hotels, dormitories, service apartments and hospitals. Biznet Dedicated Line service offers premium Internet Access service that can be distributed via wired or wireless solutions throughout customers’ property. Speed options are customizable that can be easily installed an upgraded without disrupting business daily operations. For Biznet Cable TV solution, customers don not need to invest for MATV system, which require higher investment, bigger equipment room, hassle operation and analog picture quality without access to deliver HD contents. Biznet can use customer’s existing coaxial distribution cable network and integrated with Biznet head-end video system.

 Bali is one of the main tourist destinations that attract tourists from all over the world. After officially completing Biznet Fiber Java Bali network couple of years ago, Biznet is committed to provide high-quality Internet service for the people in Bali, especially for Bali’s hospitality segment. Biznet service has been available in various 5-star hotels and resorts in Bali including Ayana Resort and Spa Bali, Rimba Jimbaran, Grand Hyatt Bali, Four Seasons Bali, Intercontinental Bali, Movenpick Bali, Hilton Bali, etc. Biznet is also supporting various hospitality events in Bali by becoming the official Internet provider for the events, including Bali and Beyond Travel Fair (BBTF) 2017, which will be held from 7 – 11 June 2017 at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre, ITDC, Nusa Dua.

 Biznet has a strong commitment to continue building modern telecommunication infrastructure in Indonesia. In 2017, Biznet has built additional 2,000 KM of Fiber Optic route so the total of our Fiber Optic cable has reached 20,000 KM, which covers more than 100 cities in Java, Bali, Sumatra and Batam islands. As one of the leading telecommunication and multimedia provider in Indonesia, Biznet offers full range of telecommunication and multimedia services to meet both business and consumer demands with competitive price and various packages. Plus, Biznet Global Internet network performance that is the highest in Indonesia. Biznet has completed Biznet Fiber Java Bali and Java Bangka Batam Singapore networks, which will ensure the quality of Biznet services for all customers. For Biznet Cable TV service, Biznet has direct agreement with many leading content providers in the world and Biznet also has dedicated Biznet Home multimedia team that manages three Biznet owned channels, which are Biznet Kids, Biznet Lifestyle and Biznet Promo.