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Biznet Expands Coverage Area to Purwokerto City and Hosts Biznet Festival Purwokerto 2017

Purwokerto (Central Java), 25 March 2017 – Biznet has been building new infrastructure and expanding its coverage area in Java, Bali, Sumatra and Batam Islands to provide high-quality Internet service for customers. For Central Java area, Biznet has built the Fiber Optic network in Purwokerto City, which is the capital of Banyumas Regency, Central Java. Biznet will host Biznet Festival Purwokerto 2017 event on 25 March 2017 at GOR Satria Purwokerto.


Purwokerto City is the second city where Biznet holds Biznet Festival event in 2017 after previously held in Sukabumi on 18 February 2017. Biznet Festival Purwokerto 2017 will bring various exciting activities including band competition, dance competition, fun activities from Purwokerto online communities, and also free Wi-Fi that available for all visitors during the event. The event will also show performances from well-known musicians that include Simmer Down, a ska band from Purwokerto and also special performance by Steven Jam, who has been widely known for its reggae music and attractive stage act. Just like other Biznet Festival events, Biznet Festival Purwokerto is free for public. To be part of the event, people can register through the website www.biznetfestival.com.


 “We are delighted that we finally able to provide the best Internet service for the people in Purwokerto. Seeing the increasing demand for Internet, we are hoping that Biznet presence in the city will become the best solution that gives positive benefits for everyone. We also hope that Biznet Festival Purwokerto 2017 will be the perfect opportunity for many people in Purwokerto to find more information about Biznet, and also to find out more about the services packages that we are offering,” said Adi Kusma, Biznet’s President Director.


For Purwokerto area, Biznet offers two types of services for homes/individual segment and also for business/SMB segment, at an affordable price, and with several service packages that customers can choose based on their specific requirements. For homes/individual segment, Biznet offers Biznet Home service with service package starting from 25 Mbps at Rp 240.000/month. For business/SMB segment Biznet offers Biznet Metronet service, which is the best solution for startup business. Biznet Metronet service starts from 25 Mbps at Rp 800.000/month.

For more information, please visit www.biznethome.net to know more about Biznet Home service, or www.biznetnetworks.com for Biznet Metronet service. People in Purwokerto can also visit Biznet Purwokerto branch office at Jl. Overste Isdiman 26 or call 0281-7772499.