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Biznet Hold Biznet Festival Sukabumi 2017

Sukabumi (West Java), 18 February 2017 – Biznet holds Biznet Festival Sukabumi 2017 at Lapangan Kodim, Sukabumi. This event is part of Biznet Festival event series that has been successfully conducted in Kediri, Denpasar, and Tegal in 2016, and Sukabumi was chosen by Biznet as the first city to hold Biznet Festival in 2017. Similar to the previous cities, Biznet Festival Sukabumi 2017 will also offer various entertainment activities including Band and Dance Competition, Booth Festival, cool activities from Sukabumi online communities, Fun Games with attractive prizes, and performance from one of the best bands in Indonesia, Kotak.


Just like the previous Biznet Festival events, Biznet Festival Sukabumi 2017 is also free of charge for public, and those who wish to come to the event are only required to register online through the website www.biznetfestival.com.


As part of Biznet Festival event series, Biznet Festival Sukabumi 2017 is a special event arranged by Biznet not only as a form of company’s appreciation for people who have supported and also being loyal to Biznet throughout the years, but also hoped to become the best opportunities for people in Sukabumi to get more information about Biznet, including about all the services that Biznet offers for the people in Sukabumi, including the types of services offered for business and individual segment.


Sukabumi is one of the cities in West Java with the best potential to grow, supported by its amazing natural and human resources. Biznet is available in Sukabumi by providing supports in terms of high-quality Internet connection that can be chosen according to people’s needs.


“Most people need Internet connection nowadays. Not only those who live in big cities but also those who live in small and medium-sized cities, which are now growing significantly. As one of the cities in West Java with potential to grow, Sukabumi needs high quality internet to support the fast growing digital activities. Biznet comes to Sukabumi by offering the best Internet connection that people can choose based on their needs. Our presents in Sukabumi will also strengthen our commitment to continue expanding our coverage area in other cities in Indonesia, so the people in Indonesia can enjoy the best Internet connection from Biznet,” said Adi Kusma, President Director of Biznet.


Biznet Home service is the best Internet service for family that comes in several packages for customers based on each customer’s requirements, starting from 25 Mbps at Rp 240.000,-/month. While Biznet Metronet is the best Internet service for SMBs and startups, now available starting from 25 Mbps at Rp 800.000,-/month. For more information please visit www.biznethome.net for Biznet Home of www.biznetnetworks.com for Biznet Metronet.