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The People in Semarang Can Now Enjoy Fast and Affordable Internet Service

Semarang, 26 January 2017 – Internet has become one of the major utilities for most people in Indonesia, including the people in Semarang.  In line with the current trend, Biznet provides Biznet Metronet service for business and SMB segment, and also Biznet Home service for home/apartments that people in Semarang can enjoy.


Currently, Biznet service has been available in several areas in Semarang including Kranggan, Tawangsari, Tawang Mas, Karang Kidul, and many more. In the future, Biznet will continue to expand its coverage area in Semarang and surroundings, so the people in Semarang can enjoy Biznet Internet service.


“Internet has become one of the major requirements for both business and retail segments and Semarang has become one of the cities with the highest Internet requirements. We are delighted to be able to support the people in Semarang who require Internet connection to support their digital activities. With the availability of Biznet service in Semarang, we are hoping that we can continue providing the best service for all customers at affordable price and satisfying quality,” said Adi Kusma, President Director of Biznet.


In the increasingly competitive business environment, Biznet Metronet comes to help SMBs to support their business growth. Biznet Metronet offers service packages that can be chosen based on customer requirements, starting from 25 Mbps, from Rp 800.000/month.


In addition to supporting SMB segment, Biznet also offers Internet service for home and apartments targeting family segment. Biznet Home service presents two types of services that include Biznet Home Internet starting from 25 Mbps from Rp 240.000/month, and Biznet Home Combo starting from 25 Mbps from Rp 350.000/month plus 42 TV channels.